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.reBuild is a full-service brick upcycling resource

If you answer yes to the any of the following questions you may benefit from reBuild:


Do you have any brick sets in your house collecting dust?


Would any of the following bring you joy?

A. Rebuilding said brick set

B. Giving said brick set to a child to create

C. Donating said brick set

D. Selling said brick set


Do you believe in upcycling?

Yes? Great.
Check out how reBuild can help.


Project a: Advent Calendar

Advent Mess_edited.jpg

Step 1.

The Start

Look familiar?
Aftermath of 24

day Advent calendar.

Advent Bag 2.jpg

Step 2:

Deconstructed + Sorted

Much better. 

All bagged and sorted ready to be organized.

Advent Inside.jpg

Step 3:

The Organization

Each door has been resealed and ready for another year of joy!

Advent Box.jpg

Step 4:

The Finished Product

All bags are properly organized & the box has been resealed.



Free the bricks! Let us help you dust, deconstruct & package them up. 

Providing the perfect setup to ReGift, ReBuild, or ReSell. 

ReExperience the joy. 

time is moneY

As one of the only businesses to reBuild, time is a premium. Costs are based on the following critera.


Take the cost it takes to ship the item and add that to the bill. 


Costs vary based on size. 

Is the kit still in production? Pricing = 50% of base price

Is the kit out of production? Pricing is based on kit size


Bagged or boxed. Your choice.  

$$$: Containers

$$  : Bags

$    : Eco Bag


Pricing varies depending on how large the kit is.

let's connect

How would you like your bricks organized?

Thanks for your submission. A member of our team will reach out to you within the next few days.

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